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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Why be vegetarian


What are the Reasons to Give up Meat?

You hear about people being vegetarian, but until you actually hear about the reasons, you might not understand why people would give up meat. Interestingly enough, there are, for the most part, three separate levels of reason to examine -- Health reasons, Animal Rights reasons and Environmental reasons. (From my perspective, I went vegetarian for mostly Animal Rights reasons while environmental/humanistic reasons were my chief reason for going vegan).


Why would you want to give up your meat?

I've been a vegetarian for 30 years now and I'm often asked why I became vegetarian. I tell them that my mother had rabbit fur slippers and I asked her how she could wear the bodies of murdered rabbits and she said to me "how about the cows and chickens on your plate?"

Well, I hadn't thought about that before, so I decided to give up eating animals.

I discovered over the years that a vegetarian diet was healthier than an omnivorous diet (eating plant and animal matter as food).

But after 12 years of being a vegetarian, I read how much land it takes to grow food for a vegetarian vs. an omnivore (vegetarian took less land) but it took even less land to grow a years worth of vegan food. It was then that I decided to become a vegan.

Vegetarians (often called ovo-lacto or lacto-ovo vegetarians) eat dairy and/or eggs whereas vegans only eat plant matter.

Vegans eat no cholesterol. Vegans also generally eat more vitamins and minerals in their foods and also generally consume more fiber.

Veganism is healthy for the vegans, healthy for the animals and healthy for the planet.

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