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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Slow Cooker Easy Barley Mushroom Soup


I know it's been a while since I put up a recipe. That's because I'm currently on a high protein low carb diet. So I'm making a lot of almond/hazelnut "flour" cookies (with pea protein powder) and other things with those ingredients (to get protein).

But I also have been doing some cooking for my parents. While much of it isn't vegan (neither of my parents is vegan, but my Mom can't eat dairy and my Dad can't eat white flour, sugar, etc.) but I do make them a Barley Mushroom soup that they like (I can't eat it, so I have to go by their opinion). Over the weeks I've been making it, I've sort of perfected it into a pretty easy recipe.

This is for a slow cooker. Into the slow cooker, I put one 32 oz container of " Imagine Portobello Mushroom soup " -- add one cup pearled barley, one 8 oz container (or more) of (rinsed) sliced mushrooms (baby bella are best, but white mushrooms are good, too), slice up two carrots, and one stalk of celery (with leaves, if there) -- I also add spices (I don't put in salt because my Mom uses no-salt and my Dad uses sea salt) -- black pepper, parsley flakes, onion and garlic powders, and paprika -- I mix it together in a spice bottle and use 2 teaspoons.

Fill the pot up with filtered water (leaving room at the top so it doesn't boil over) and cook on high until it's warmed through, then cook on low until you're ready to eat it (I usually make it about 8 or so hours before it's eaten, but we leave it on and the next day it's still good).