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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Who Wants to be a Vegan?


So my Mom and I went yet again for me to try out for "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". This is my 7th time trying out, the 5th time going to take the test while also going to be in the audience. It seems as though whenever we go to be in the audience I, ב"ה, pass the test. But I hadn't been there in the audience for three years -- this having to do with Jeopardy! -- I took the Jeopardy! test on line, was called into an interview, was called to be on the show (twice -- the first time they asked me to be on was חול המועד פסח Hol HaMoed Pesah -- the intermediate days of Passover when I couldn't make it, so they called me back on ערב יום כיפור Erev Yom Kippur -- the day before Yom Kippur -- to come to California to be on Jeopardy!, taping in November, airing in early 2009).

From Jeopardy!, I was told I couldn't be on another game show for 6 months; "Millionaire", on the other hand, required me to wait a year before taking the test again. And, since they tests aren't given all year long, I couldn't go back to take the test again until this year.

Ok, so let's call that one long diversion. Whenever my Mom and I go to NY (or anywhere else) we like to sample the food. But, for the most part, I haven't had the opportunity to eat at a good vegan restaurant because of the geography of most of the vegan restaurants on the Jewish Database on But today, after not finding a good enough geography for us, I looked again, using a map that showed where on the map the restaurants were and found a vegan restaurant very near Penn Station called Loving Hut.

I have to tell you, though I think they do most of their business by take-out (besides being near Penn Station, they are also quite near the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), where, BTW, I went Part Time for three years before going back to college Full Time) because there aren't many tables (and the tables only seat two) but the food is delicious and the service is first class. I had a delicious lentil soup and a tofu and vegetables dish that they redid to accommodate my diet. I also had some lemon water to drink and a banana smoothie. My Mom had a bowl of tofu and udon noodle soup with sea vegetable (I love sea vegetables, so I used the chopsticks to pick the sea vegetable out of the soup) and a vegan burger with a side salad. Both were delicious. (My mom took the house dressing, a ginger and carrot dressing, on the side because she wasn't sure she'd like it -- then she asked for seconds).  Also, when the check came, there was no sticker shock. The prices were very reasonable.

I heartily recommend this restaurant to anyone who enjoys good, healthy vegan food.

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